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'Ophelia' Now on Amazon Prime

Director Jamie Sims' Ophelia, one of the most striking short film re-tellings of Shakespeare's Hamlet starring Valorie Curry (The Tick) and Sam Underwood (Fear The Walking Dead) is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Shifting the focus of the story from Hamlet to the titular Ophelia, we are thrust into the story of a couple irrevocably bound together as Hamlet, brought to life as a criminal underworld, bare-knuckle brawler by Sam Underwood, barrels toward disaster by way of obsession and madness. Valorie Curry carries the film as she laments the incredible man that Hamlet used to be and how, try as she might, cannot untangle herself from the relentlessly destructive force that he has become.

This is the second official collaboration by Underwood, Curry and Sims, following romantic drama Bus Stop in 2015. Sims (working from a script by Underwood) constructs an altogether grittier and intimate film and sets the scene for intensely powerful performances from its leads. For a full breakdown of the film, you can read our Watchlist review here. You can also see the trailer for Ophelia below.

If you want to catch Ophelia and have an Amazon Prime video subscription, you can see it right here. As a bonus, you can catch the first outing of the firm of Curry, Sims and Underwood in Bus Stop on Cameo Launch when you download our iOS app. Take a look at the trailer below.

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