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Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts

The live action shorts category is consistently awash with filmmakers pushing the boundaries of their abilities.

Drama and comedy dominate this year's nominees, however subjects range from religious conflict to racial struggle to a family dealing with the disability of their child. All five nominees provide unique insights into our past and present, giving us new perspectives on some of our most pressing social concerns via some of the best contemporary filmmaking available. See the line up of nominees for best live action short below.


Dir: Reed Van Dyk

Steven, an unstable twenty-something, enters an elementary school with a semi-automatic rifle. After he orders the receptionist, Cassandra, to have the building evacuated, he holds her hostage and instructs her to call 911. With Cassandra as his go-between, Steven tries to navigate the troubled waters he has entered.

Find out more about Dekalb Elementary at the official site.


Dir: Derin Seale

A psychiatrist tries to earnestly help his delusional patient, but his efforts are complicated by the fact that the patient believes himself to be the doctor. With each trying to out analyse the other, their session spirals out of control.

Keep up to date with The Eleven O'Clock at the official Facebook page.


Dir: Kevin Wilson, Jr

In 1955, two white men invade the home of Mose Wright, an African-American preacher in Mississippi, to abduct his 14 year-old nephew Emmett Till, who is visiting from Chicago. Emmett has been accused of whistling at a white woman, and Mose knows his fate will be sealed if the men succeed in taking him.

Find out more about My Nephew Emmett at the official website and check out the interview with director Kevin Wilson Jr at the Hollyshorts Film Festival below.


Dir: Chris Overton

Libby, a profoundly deaf four year-old, is the youngest child in a family who are all hearing. Unable to communicate but about to start school, Libby is assigned a social worker who teaches her sign language. Libby's skeptical parents are reluctant to be involved, however, and pose a potential block to Libby's education.

Find out more about The Silent Child at the official website and check out the behind the scenes video and Good Morning Britain interview below.


Dir: Katja Benrath

Jua, a Christian living in Kenya, boards a chartered bus to visit a relative and is uncomfortable being surrounded by Muslim passengers. The bus is stopped by the violent terrorist group Al-Shabaab, whose members demand that the Muslims identify the Christian passengers.

Find out more about Watu Wote: All Of Us at the official Facebook page.

Click to see the nominations for Best Animated Short and Best Documentary Short.

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