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Paul Holbrook's 'Hollow' Hits The Festival Circuit

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Not content with clobbering the short film festival circuit with the one-two punch of recent hits Shiney and Hungry Joe, Paul Holbrook's latest film Hollow is set to premiere this Friday at the Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival. The buzz is palpable around Holbrook's latest offering as he reunites with Laura Bayston in this dark revenge thriller.

Bayston leads a powerful cast as a mother contemplating taking revenge against the man that killed her child. Her only guide is Father Hill, a local vicar played by Karl Collins, who is also battling dwindling faith and racist abuse. Check out the trailer below.

This film marks yet another graduation for Holbrook as a filmmaker, writing and directing a short film with new levels of depth and scope while Hungry Joe continues to rack up film festival accolades (the L'Étrange Festival has announced that Hungry Joe will feature in its line up this year).

Hollow was produced as part of The Pitch Film Fund, which supports and nurtures emerging filmmakers, providing opportunities to receive in-depth training, masterclasses and support as well as financial backing to create short films inspired by the bible.

Holbrook cast the winning entry into The Pitch Fund's 2020 intake, securing financial and production support for a project that spoke to many of his own experiences in early life. Going deeper than the simple poverty narratives that permeate British drama, Holbrook uses his experiences and internal conflict to ask nuanced questions of violence, faith and grief. Once more he has proven that we are witnessing the emergence of what is sure to be one of the leading voices in British cinema.

Our Watchlist Review for this film is set to drop next week, but if you need further proof of the genius behind this film, you can catch Hungry Joe on our selection of his films with frequent collaborator Sam Dawe under the Shunk Films banner.

You can also catch our most recent interview with Paul Holbrook and Sam Dawe on our podcast or on the video below.

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