Paul is Dead: Bringing Back The Beatles with George Moore, Stuart Armstrong & Ben Bovington-Key

Nigel picks the brains of the director and writing team behind this stylish and exceptionally creative period comedy.

Set in the Lake District in 1967, the story follows John, George and Ringo, hungover and at each other's throats. They must convince Billy Shears, a sheepish rural lookalike, to join their band after Paul dies during an experimental-drug filled musical retreat. Braving a perilous mountain hike to bury Paul at the summit, they each must face up to their own inner conflicts and calamitous personal shortcomings if they are going to make it through the journey and stop the band from falling apart.

Fully embracing the wackiness of the conspiracy theory that inspired the premise of Paul is Dead, writer/director George Moore and writers Stuart Armstrong and Ben Bovington-Key take us through the origins of the story as well as the challenges in shooting a period film in a rural area and attempting to capture the essence of one of the greatest bands in music history.

Take a look at the interview below:

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