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The magical land of Arilon and the human village of Waterwhistle are trembling in fear. The evil Lady Eris and her shadowy mistress, the Queen stand ready to activate the Agency Engine and take control of every man, woman and child in both places. Arthur and Teresa, two children from Waterwhistle, find themselves embroiled in the battle to stop activation of the Engine at all costs. To do that, they need to find a way to free the trapped warriors of the bravery island, Valia. They have to locate the ultimate weapon by enlisting the aid of the elusive Blind Dressmaker. And they have to find a way past the massed forces of the Queen’s Royal Fleet and get back home to help their family and friends still entranced by Lady Eris’ web of fear. Before any of that, though, Teresa has to find a way out of Lady Eris’ dungeons along with her friends, the mysterious Cat and the twin knights, Iakob and Iosef. And Arthur? Arthur is trapped in a devious prison from which no-one has ever escaped. If Arthur and Teresa are to discover the secret of Waterwhistle and defeat Lady Eris, one thing’s for sure – they have a lot of work to do.


Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle Part 2

SKU: 918273652
  • Paperback : 272 pages

    Product Dimensions : 13.97 x 1.73 x 21.59 cm

    Publisher : 88Tales Press (19 Jun. 2017)

    Language: English

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