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Black Eagle takes as its inspiration Reagan-era cold war paranoia. Jean Claude Van Damme plays Andrei, a KGB operative and Sho Kosugi as CIA agent Ken Tani aka Black Eagle. This was Van Damme's second movie and helped to secure his reputation as one of the world's leading action heroes.

After an F11 gets shot down over the Mediterranean Sea, the U.S. Government cannot afford to lose the top-secret laser tracking device that was on board. But unfortunately, the KGB team led by the infamous Andrei (Jean Claude Van Damme - KICKBOXER) are beating the CIA in the race to find it. The CIA has no choice but to call in their best man, master martial artist Ken Tani (Sho Kosugi - ENTER THE NINJA), code name...Black Eagle. In response the KGB resorts to an all-out war, with the powerful Andrei matching Ken blow for blow.

Black Eagle

SKU: 918273650
  • Studio : 101 Films
    Language : English
    Run time : 100 minutes
    Media Format : PAL
    Aspect Ratio : 1.78:1
    Number of discs : 1

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