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Yul Brynner returns in this sequel to the cult sci-fi film 'Westword'; now that the entire resort has been rebuilt. Investigative reporters Tracey Ballard (Blythe Danner) and Chuck Browing (Peter Fonda) cover the opening of Futureworld. However, they soon begin to realise that, once again, there is something wrong (and possibly fatal) with this hi-tech paradise.


SKU: 918273660
  • Directed by Richard T. Heffron

    Starring: Peter Fonda, Blythe Danner, Arthur Hill, Yul Brynner, Stuart Margolin, John P. Ryan

    Contributors: Paul N. Lazarus III, James T. Aubrey, Mayo Simon, George Schnenck, Fred Karlin

    Format: Blu-ray

    Studio: 101 Films

    Barcode: 5037899056301

    Main Language: English

    Region: Region B

    Release Date: 18 Aug 2014

    Originally Issued: 1976

    No of Discs: 1

    Dimensions: 171 x 135 x 14 (mm)

    Genre:Feature Films

    BBFC Cert: (12) Suitable for 12 years and over.

    Run Time:108 mins

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