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Young Film Programmers Lab

Cameo Launch is launching a new internship to help young people aged 16-25 to find their way into a career in cinema. The Cameo Launch Young Film Programmers Lab is part of the Young Film Network South East, a collective of cinema organisations and film festivals overseen by the Independent Cinema Office. The scheme provides a pathway to greater cinematic appreciation as well as invaluable experience in finding strategic routes into the UK film industry.


The Young Film Programmers Lab is a training scheme for 16-25 year olds that provides an opportunity for participants to learn how to discover a broad variety of film and create programmes for theatrical and online exhibition. This will culminate in helping to plan the first of our seasonal screening event 'Shortest Night of the Month' on 8th February 2024. They will gain both valuable marketable skills as well as an appreciation for cinema as they learn how to:

  • Study audience trends and industry developments

  • Curate films for cinema audiences

  • Engage with distributors and exhibitors

  • Pitch their ideas for screening events based on their learning

  • Assist in planning a screening event


The primary goal of the Young Film Programmers Lab is to expose participants to the principles of curating films for cinema audiences and provide practical experience in doing so. Each intake for the Young Film Programmers Lab will consist of up to four people who will spend 6 weeks on each of the stages outlined below.


Once a week, participants will join the scheme remotely for an hour, during which time they will take part in tutorials and discussions, ending with tasks being assigned, which will be completed and presented the following week. Each of these tasks will build towards the programming of 'Shortest Night of the Month' on 8th February 2024.

Progression through each stage will see participants get to grips with the principles of how and why cinemas select the films that they show, how Cameo Launch curates short films for its audience and how establishing relationships with distributors, exhibitors and filmmakers is crucial to developing and expanding audiences for film and cinema as a whole.


The stages and timelines for the scheme are outlined below.


20 NOV 23 - 4 DEC 23


  • Research and present your take on film industry developments and cinema trends

  • Study the landscape of film festivals and how they impact global cinema


  • Present a comparison of major international film industries and the UK film industry

  • Describe how short film fits into this and ways short film platforms should support short film


4 Dec 23 - 11 Dec 23

  • Based on your research, identify a feature film likely to resonate with audiences

  • Identify a short film that pairs well with the selected feature film


  • Pitch the selection to the group based on audience and industry research as a candidate for 'Shortest Night of the Month' screening event

  • Screening of feature film with a matching matching theme, genre or tone to the short film


8 Jan 24 - 12 feb 24

  • Research and formulate promotion strategies

  • Develop relations with the venue in preparation for the event

  • Partner with distribution and film producers to promote the event


Event: Shortest Night of the Month

8th Feb 2024

  • Screening of short film identified during industry research

12th Feb 2024

  • Post-event analysis of how well the event accomplished its objectives and how it might be improved

  • Presentation of completion certificates


We have up to four spaces available for this scheme and applications are open now. To apply, fill in the form below including a  a 200 word statement outlining why taking part in this scheme would be important to your career plans or personal development. Focus on what you aim to learn, the field you aim to work in and your personal motivations for building a career in film/cinema.


We will be taking applications until 10th November 2023 and will inform successful applicants of their places on 15th November 2023.


All information provided is treated as confidential and will not be shared with parties outside our organisation without consent.

Young Film Programmers Lab Application Form
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.



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